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Welcome Viva and We are Rising!
FUJANk has been remiss in posting to this blog. A lot has happened since we last posted!

In September we played at the Pink Jams! Under: 40 Music Marathon.Through this event Pink Jams! was able to raise over $15,000 towards breast cancer research! We look forward to playing there again in 2014.

In the late fall we met the lovely and talented Viva Virtuoso. It was clear from the start that she would be a great addition to FUJANk! She has a great voice and adds a much needed layer to our sound. Welcome! Check out her performance of the Amy Winehouse classic "Valerie".

Once again FUJANk has entered the Hard Rock Rising contest. We could really use your support by clicking on the link below and downloading "Boogie Through Outerspace" to cast your vote!

Vote for FUJANk!

Join us for a brew!
FUJANk is playing at Ruhlman Brewery in Hampsted, MD on Saturday, June 8, 2013! We're looking forward to playing and enjoying their craft beers. This is a family friendly show which starts at 7:00PM. There is an opening act and we are going on at 8:00PM.

Check out the event web site at Check out Ruhlman Brewery at

We look forward to seeing you there!

Disco Epic!
We spent a VERY long night in the studio last night, the result is a demo-able version of our intergalactic disco epic "Boogie Through Outer-Space"! Check it out on ReverbNation!

All of the songs posted are demo-quality mixes. We have a few more songs in the hopper and will be doing full mixes of these songs shortly!

Vote Now!
FUJANk is competing in the Hard Rock Cafe's "Hard Rock Rising" contest! Please take a minute to vote for us by clicking here. To vote you need to download our song F.I.T.H. (FUJANk in the house).

There's only two weeks so vote now!.

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